Dear reader. The autumn season 2021 is just about to start.

The Danish Authorities have recently ended the former restrictions about meeting and distance. It is now possible for the choir to meet, practice and make concerts. Just what we like to do. The reason for this relief is the high number of people, who have received the vaccines approved by EMA and the Danish Health Authorities.

At the moment, we're looking for new singers, especially if you are singing bass voice, but others are welcome. We practice every tuesday in the Christ Church at 18, Enghave Plads, Copenhagen V. Come by, give it a try and see if our chemistry is right. Later you will have to pass an audition attended by the conductor and the Board of the choir. You sing a song of your own choice. You sing a song without knowing what it is. And then you will be tried on your voice and your hearing abilities.

We can announce a concert planned in Helleruplund Kirke in Hellerup, just outside of Copenhagen. It will be the 21. of november at 4 PM. You can find more information in our concert calendar (koncertkalender).

The repertoire is a lovely cocktail really, of the things we had planned to perform most of last year and in the spring of '21. But we all know why that didn't happen.

Our thoughts have been circulating about the events that took place in Denmark during the occupation of Germany in 2nd World War (ended in may 1945) and furthermore the reuinion of Denmark to the present place of the borders in Padborg, where it had been moved all the way to Fredericia in Jutland since the terrible war against Germany in 1864 and until the peace negociations were finished in 1920. Last year it would have been 75 years of the occupation and 100 years of the reunion. 

Of the choices of music we have selected a good bouquet of arrangements for your enjoyment and we hope you will come to experience one or maybe more of our concerts.

We are looking so much forward to sing again together and to meet our lovely audience during our concert events. So please come and join us.

Hopefully we'll see each other in autumn '21.